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On the left you will find the team that make the system work. Here we have developers, salespeople, economists, marketers and AI specialists. Together we work to create tomorrows best dental care platform.

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The Konekta Story

Konekta is a digital service where clinics, dentists and specialists meet and work together. The platform is developed for and by dental professional together with Boneprox in order to increase the availability of specialist competence and safe communication between colleagues within the dental industry. With Konekta, analysing complex images, sharing reviews and finding referrals is smoother, safer, and more efficient with the patient in focus.
The company behind Konekta, Boneprox, is a multi-award winning and digital frontrunner with a mission since 2013 to provide dental professionals with safe and innovative tools in order to increase the efficiency of everyday diagnostics and communication.

For everyone in dentistry

We are a network in dentistry and a digital specialist clinic, where our affiliated specialists are available to you every day. With the right guidance from the right expertise, you can in many cases treat the patient yourself at the clinic. Through our digital platform, we connect clinics with specialists where sharing and dialogue is carried out easily and efficiently.

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