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What is Konekta?

Konekta is developed by Boneprox, we aim to make dental and medical care more efficient, with a focus on safety and security. We are a digital specialist clinic with over 800 clinics and 21 specialists in 12 areas. The platform makes it possible to send digital referrals and questions to our connected specialists, with quick responses. In close collaboration with dental and healthcare staff, we ensure that our services meet the needs of the patient, the clinic and the specialists.
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Why Konekta?

With our specialist network, you can treat the patient yourself at the clinic with the right guidance from the right expertise and feel secure in your daily diagnostics. Konekta has a digital presence and enormous capacity and delivers answers when and where you need it most. The service is developed by healthcare professionals who want to make it simple and easily accessible to communicate with all staff in dental care, according to GDPR.
Today, it can take up to 15 months to get help from a specialist – Konekta gives an answer the same day. Today, the platform contributes, among other things, to reduced waiting times for the patient from diagnosis to treatment and has saved our users over 600,000 care days in 2022.

How to Konekta

Log in

Everything is online, and no installations are required. Sign up your clinic through BankID and start using your new account.

Create patient case

Create a patient case and invite a specialist or a colleague for online consultation with one simple click.

Get expert answers

Get answers and input from the specialists and share it with the referral clinic.

Step by step

Create an account

No installations are required – you create a user with BankID or SITHS. You can also invite the entire clinic to your account

Register new user

Register a new user (clinic) by filling in the e-mail address, name of the clinic and organization number or KST number for Practiceservice clinics

Accept personal data assistant agreements

Create patient case

Fill in the patient reference, add information for issue/referral, drag and drop files (DICOM, PNG, JPEG, PDF) and press “Create patient case”

Invite specialist

Invite a specialist who can take part in patient cases. Today we have specialists in dozens of areas, read more about areas below

Invite organization

Invite organization that can take part in patient cases

Wait for answer

In the field on the left you can easily find all analyzes, as well as status. Here you can easily click on one of the analyzes to see the results. You will be notified by e-mail when the answer of the analysis is ready


In addition to discussing patient cases with colleagues, you can send referrals and consultations to specialists within all of the fields of expertise below.

The specialist answers directly in the platform, which means the patient avoids long waiting hours. It’s like having a specialist by your desk every day.

CBCT (3D Radiology)

Radiology (2D)

Maxillofacial Surgery


Dental Technician


Oral Medicine





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