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Boneprox is proud to announce that Per Rehnberg has joined the company’s board as a significant addition. With his extensive experience and expertise, Per will play an important role in shaping Boneprox’s future and advancing its strategic direction.

Per Rehnberg has an impressive background and has held several prominent positions in the dental care sector. He was previously Head of Digitalization for Colosseum Dental Group, Europe’s largest dental care chain. In addition, he has acted as COO for Praktikertjänst, Sweden’s largest healthcare provider, as well as CEO of Smile, Sweden’s largest private dental care chain. He has also served as CEO of SNÖ Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates. This broad experience gives him a deep understanding of the industry and its challenges.

Per Rehnberg is not only an experienced leader, but also a professional dentist. This combination of skills makes him particularly valuable to Boneprox, as he can contribute to strategic development with a strong focus on quality and patient focus.
Boneprox is very pleased to have Per Rehnberg on board in this exciting phase of growth and innovation. His significant contribution to the board will strengthen Boneprox’s position as a prominent player in the dental and health sector and drive the company’s ambition to improve the quality of care and accessibility for patients.

Boneprox has developed a new service via the Konekta platform. Now it will be even easier to handle referral management on your website with our latest solution, Konekta MyFrame. By integrating referral management directly on your website, you get full control over incoming referrals, while external referrers can remain in your clinic’s environment. With quick implementation in only 3-4 days and a simple link that can be copied onto your website, it will be easy to get started. You no longer have to worry about technical challenges or downtime – we take care of everything so you can focus on what you love to do.

  • Quality assurance of the referral flow
  • All referrals are collected in an overview queue
  • Direct integration with Konekta
  • GDPR-safe and Mobile BankID
  • Two-way communication between your clinic and sender

Smooth integration with Konekta
We understand the importance of your website being attractive and integrated into your existing system. Therefore, we have developed MyFrame as a separate and customizable referral solution, directly linked to Konekta. This means that you can take advantage of our advanced features while maintaining your existing website and environment

In addition to this, the response times for your referrers will be even faster as they will be notified as soon as something happens with their referral. With Konekta MyFrame, you can ensure high quality in the clinic’s referral flow. We are of course here for support so that it becomes clear how the service works, which creates a safe and professional experience for both you and your remitters.

Boneprox has achieved an important strategic milestone with the recruitment of Sigurd Svalestad as Medical Director. Svalestad, an experienced doctor and dentist specializing in medical radiology, has a solid background in both public university hospitals and private medical radiology and dental practices. He has an impressive experience in leadership from his time as dental director and chief radiology consultant for the Norwegian Armed Forces.
Recruiting Svalestad as Medical Director is a central part of Boneprox’s long-term strategy to continue to grow and develop as a company. As a leading player in the market, Boneprox is strongly committed to continuing to deliver quality and innovative products and services that meet the needs of both patients and the industry.

By recruiting a Medical Director with Svalestad’s experience and expertise, Boneprox demonstrates its commitment to developing high-quality services with the highest medical standards. Svalestad will be responsible for Boneprox’s medical department and lead the company’s medical development. His knowledge will be crucial in ensuring that Boneprox continues to meet the highest medical standards and develops new products that improve patient care.

“We are very pleased to welcome Sigurd to Boneprox. The recruitment of a Medical Director is a strategically important step for us as a company and shows our commitment to continuing to develop products and services that meet the needs of both patients and dental professionals,” says Peder Remman, CEO of Boneprox.

Boneprox is convinced that Svalestad will help the company reach new heights in the industry and enable it to continue delivering high-quality and innovative services that make a real difference to patients. The recruitment is part of Boneprox’s long-term strategy to strengthen its position as a leading player in the healthcare sector and deliver the highest medical standards for patients worldwide.

What does a Medical Director do?
A Medical Director is leading medical department and is responsible for quality assurance and management of medical operations within an organization or institution. A Medical Director at Boneprox is a person who is responsible for ensuring that medical personnel provide high-quality care and comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines.
As a Medical Director, specific responsibilities include:
• Working with other leaders within the organization to develop strategies and goals for medical operations
• Overseeing medical personnel and ensuring that they have the right training and licenses to perform their duties
• Developing and implementing guidelines for medical practices and protocols for patient care
• Working with other departments within the organization to manage medical issues that may arise.

Konekta breaks records in growth: Increases the number of clinics by 163.29%, users by 268.67%, and managed consultations by 377.12%

Konekta, a digital specialist clinic that makes it possible to send digital consultation referrals and questions, has reached historic growth in 2022. Konekta proudly announces that the number of clinics has increased by 163.29%, the number of users has increased by 268.67%, and the number sent consultations have increased by 377.12%.
Konekta has made it possible for thousands of people to receive faster and better dental care. Thanks to the user-friendly platform, caregivers and therapists can easily and quickly send a consultation/referral to a specialist. This has led to an explosion in the number of users looking for a quick and easy way to receive care.

The company’s growth has also been a huge benefit to the healthcare sector. Today, the platform contributes, among other things, to reduced waiting times for the patient from diagnosis to treatment and has saved our users over 600,000 care days in 2022.

“We are incredibly proud of the enormous growth we have seen in Konekta. We’ve built a platform that enables people in the dental industry to get quick answers to their consultations and also in a smooth way, and we look forward to continuing to grow and improve Konekta even further.” says CEO Peder Remman.

Konekta’s growth is an indication of the growing demand for digital healthcare services, and the company looks set to continue to be a major player in the industry.

Boneprox is proud to be included in Omdena’s list of “66 Innovative Medical Companies to Watch in 2023”.

We invest heavily in R&D, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve and streamline daily diagnostics and connect dental care and healthcare by finding patients at risk for systemic diseases based on dental X-ray images. Our services and products contribute to secure and fast communication towards the dental and health sector and enable clinics, dentists and doctors to become more efficient in sending, receiving, analyzing and diagnosing images and patients.

“Medical imaging has revolutionized the healthcare industry by providing valuable insights into diagnosing and treating various diseases. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), medical imaging has become even more precise and efficient. The AI medical imaging market has grown significantly in recent years, with several startups and established companies investing heavily in this space.”

“These companies are leveraging AI technology to develop innovative solutions for medical imaging that can enhance accuracy, speed up diagnosis, and improve patient outcomes. In this blog post, we will explore the top 66 AI medical imaging companies and startups leading the way in this field and are expected to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry in 2023.”

Read the article here

Boneprox is now taking a big step towards healthcare by entering into an agreement with Åland’s healthcare. The agreement means that Boneprox will deliver radiological services, radiation physicists, training, Konekta and specialist consultations to the hospital.
This collaboration gives the ÅHS Dental Unit the opportunity to offer its patients the very latest and most effective methods for CBCT and have a positive impact on the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment.

“We are very proud to collaborate with Åland’s health care and we look forward to offering the best possible service to their patients together”, says Peder Remman, CEO at Boneprox.

The agreement took place from January 2023 and demonstrates Boneprox’s commitment to improving healthcare by offering the most effective technology and knowledge.

Boneprox is launching new service “External Review of Care and Documentation” to help healthcare facilities navigate the complex process of securing insurance reimbursement for their patients.

External review of care and documentation with Lasse Svärd is a service to ensure the quality of care and documentation within an organization. Lasse Svärd is an experienced and well-reputed consultant who is currently used by several healthcare providers throughout the country. External review with Lasse Svärd is an important service to ensure the quality of care, how it is conducted and provides the opportunity for improvements where needed.

Ensure that your treatments and documentation meet the requirements of the Patient Safety Act and the Patient Data Act

Review of care and documentation refers to the degree to which treatment and documentation meet the requirements of the Patient Safety Act (2010:659), PSL (above all ch. 6 § 1 where it is stated that the health care staff (read the dental care staff) must perform their work in accordance with science and proven experience. A patient must be given expert and caring health care (read dental care) that meets these requirements. The care must, as far as possible, be designed and implemented in consultation with the patient. The patient must be shown care and respect). Furthermore, if the patient record meets the requirements of the Patient Data Act (2008:355), PDL’s and the National Board of Health and Welfare’s regulations and general advice (HSLF-FS 2016:40 on record keeping and processing of personal data in the Health and Medical Service (read the dental service).

In confidence, a selection of your medical records is reviewed in a similar way to that carried out by Inspektion för Vård och Omsor, IVO. The review is based on roughly one hundred possible questions. In addition to your own results, the consultation response will also contain structured guidelines for how a treatment should be carried out in accordance with science and proven experience, as well as how an adequate dental record should be designed. After you receive the results of the review, you also have the opportunity to discuss the results with the external reviewer via Teams for one hour.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the new services that will help our customers to do better record keeping of care and documentation”, says Peder Remman, CEO at Boneprox. “By using the service, an IVO inspection can feel much safer.”

Boneprox’s expert team consists of the experienced Lasse Svärd f.d. supervising dentist at Inspektionen för Vård och Omsorg, IVO, now external examiner in dental care. Lasse has extensive knowledge and experience and worked as a supervising dentist with the main focus on reviewing licensed dentists treatments and documentation until May 2021 when he ended his employment at IVO. Today, he works as a consultant to help caregivers/therapists ensure that the dental care provided to patients is in accordance with science and proven experience and that documentation complies with current regulations.

Boneprox’s new service is available to everyone in dentistry, regardless of size or specialization. For more information about these services and how Boneprox can help improve your business, visit their website at

With an establishment in Finland, Boneprox is now taking an exciting step with Konekta. The company is already successfully established in Sweden and Norway, and will now expand its presence to Finland by signing agreements with seven new clinics. Konekta is developed by Boneprox, which is a digital specialist clinic with 800 connected clinics, 25 specialists in 13 different specialist areas. The company works to make dental and medical care more efficient, with a focus on safety and security.

The flag of Finland blowing in the wind.

It is a great opportunity for Boneprox to expand its operations to Finland, where there is a great demand for advanced technology solutions for dental care. Through the collaboration with the new clinics, Boneprox will be able to provide its unique services to a wider customer base and strengthen its position as a leading player in the industry.

Konekta by Boneprox is one of the most innovative dental care solutions on the market today, and it will definitely contribute to improving dental care in Finland. By using the latest technology and knowledge in dentistry, Konekta by Boneprox will help dentists provide better care to their patients while improving efficiency and productivity.

At a time when the digitization of dentistry is more important than ever, it’s great to see companies like Boneprox taking a leading role in strengthening the industry. By establishing itself in Finland and cooperating with clinics throughout the country, Boneprox will continue to lead the development in dental technology.

So, if you are a dentist in Finland looking for the latest technology solutions to improve your business, you can definitely take a look at Konekta by Boneprox. We definitely believe that you will be impressed by the high quality and innovative services that it offers

HUNT / AI-Dentify, a new AI technology is being developed to revolutionize dentistry. A major investment is now being made to create an AI tool that should be able to improve diagnostics and treatment in dentistry. It is the Research Council of Norway and «Innovation Project in Business» that invest in the project “AI-Dentify.” The research project has a value of more than SEK 21 million. Boneprox has brought heavy partners into the project such as SINTEF and the Center for Oral Health Services and Research to use A.I in the analysis of X-ray images to identify oral diseases. The data to be used is from HUNT4 (The Health Survey in Trøndelag) and the project will last for approx. 4 years. The project collaborates with leading dentists and radiologists to ensure that the tool is useful in clinical practice.

The new AI tool will reduce time consumption and increase precision in diagnostics and treatment, while contributing to more efficient and sustainable dental care.

“This is an exciting development in the dental sector and we look forward to making progress and seeing results in the time to come” says Shreya Desai, Head of AI på Boneprox.

Furthermore, says Theodor Remman, co-founder of Boneprox “There is no reason why we should not be at the forefront of the world in A.I analysis and dental health. We are therefore proud and very grateful that the Research Council of Norway shares our vision. Boneprox wants to connect the health sectors so that oral health in the future appears as part of the body.”


Boneprox AB announces today that the company is taking its first step into healthcare by offering ENT doctors on its platform Konekta. It is an important step as Konekta becomes the bridge between dental care and healthcare.

“We are happy to be able to offer our technology and expertise in healthcare. It is a natural step in our development and we look forward to being able to help more patients with our solution”, says Peder Remman, CEO för Boneprox.

Boneprox has previously delivered dental consultations to all of Scandinavia. With this step into healthcare, the company will be able to offer a wider portfolio of services to its customers.

“We believe that our technology will enable dentists and doctors to communicate more effectively and provide better quality diagnoses and thus improve care for patients”, Peder.

MyDentist chooses Konekta as its digital specialist clinic. MyDentist wants to put the patient at the center of more efficient diagnostics. The comprehensive agreement includes the use of Konekta and specialist consultations for all clinics.

“We are very happy to work with MyDentist and be their supplier for competence development and quality assurance”, says Peder Remman, CEO at Boneprox. “We offer a complete and integrated solution that meets MyDentist’s needs and demands for high quality. We look forward to working together to continue delivering the best possible care to patients.”

With this collaboration, MyDentist will have access to the latest technology and expertise from Boneprox, which will contribute to competence development, quality assurance and more satisfied patients.

“Konekta has been extremely positively received by our therapists who use it daily and today see it as a matter of course in their work, which strengthens us as an attractive employer even more.” säger MyDentist.

Tandea announces today that it has chosen Boneprox as a supplier of radiological consultations with a focus on 3D X-ray analyses, radiological management responsibility and specialist consultations.

Boneprox offers an advanced platform for radiology services with high quality and availability, which will strengthen Tandea’s ability to offer the best possible care for its patients. Tandea focuses on affordable dental care of the best quality and highest availability. They offer general and specialized dental care to adults and children in the area. Their goal is to provide customized and affordable dental care with advanced technology that leads to healthy teeth throughout life.

Their clinics strive to provide security and well-being for both patients and employees. Tandea’s focus is to be responsive to the patient’s needs and works to always find the best solution for each patient.

With a patient focus, Konekta fits like a glove for Tandea, with minimal administration and short response times, Konekta streamlines treatment and diagnostics with a focus on safety and security.

“We are very pleased to partner with Tandea. Our modern technology and experience in radiology will contribute to Tandea being able to offer its patients the best possible services” says Peder Remman, CEO at Boneprox.

Tandea is a leading dental clinic with a focus on patient well-being and health. By using Boneprox services for radiology, Tandea will be able to continue to deliver the highest quality of its services.

“Konekta makes it possible for our therapists to quickly and easily get help from specialists on the other side. It creates security for our therapists and increases the quality of care.” says Hanne Sliwo, CEO and founder at Tandea

Boneprox, a leading provider of radiological services, announces today that it has won a contract with the Norwegian region Fylke to deliver radiological consultations.

The service includes advanced imaging diagnostics and expert consultations where Boneprox will use the latest technology to offer quick diagnoses and treatment suggestions.

“We are very pleased to win the tender and look forward to working together with Region Fylke to offer high quality radiology services to patients and customers”, says Peder Remman. “We are convinced that our expertise and technology will make a difference for patients and in the long run contribute to better health and well-being.”

Boneprox already offers several services in Norway and looks forward to collaborating with local healthcare providers to optimize patient care.