Konekta offers a network within dentistry, a digital specialist clinic, a competence platform, radiation physicists, and much more. Through our digital platform, you can create structure in your daily work and ensure that you meet SSM requirements and know how treatment and documentation are carried out correctly when IVO knocks on the door. In the platform, we have a large range of services that are all under the same roof.

Our price plans

Konekta Free
• One user in the portal
• Referral management
• Basic function
• Optimize your clinical communication
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Konekta More
• Two or more users
• Referral management
• Advanced features
• Improved user experience
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Konekta Enterprise
• Premium service for larger companies
• Referral management
• Advanced features
• Improved user experience
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Additional products

Ensure that your treatments and documentation meet the requirements of the Patient Safety Act and the Patient Data Act. In confidence, a selection of your medical records is reviewed in a similar way to that carried out by the Care and Care Inspectorate, IVO. In addition to your own results, the consultation response will also contain structured guidelines for how treatment should be carried out in accordance with science and proven experience, as well as how an adequate dental record should be designed. Furthermore, an hour is included to discuss the result via Teams with the external reviewer Lasse Svärd.
With the service, we can integrate Konekta directly on your website. Your sender does not need to log in via Konekta to send the referral. The solution is built to make it easier for you who handle referrals to direct referrers to your website.
As the owner of a CBCT equipment, you need to have a radiological management function according to SSM’s regulations. We are the leader in Sweden in digital X-ray reports. You will receive an answer to your statements within 1-2 days. We offer different packages depending on how many images your clinic sends.
In accordance with SSM, a clinic that owns x-ray equipment needs to be connected to a radiation physicist who helps you ensure that the business you work for works in a radiation-safe way and complies with the legislation, we will connect you with our hospital physicist.


• Annual check
• Ensures that methods are in accordance with regulatory requirements
• Dosimetry and dose monitoring
• Optimization of radiation use


• Check intraoral equipment
• Revision
• Information material for other types of X-ray
• Safety assessments
We offer several different course packages, physical or digital. KonektED is a platform where the clinic gets access to educational materials and courses to maintain ongoing competence development at the clinic. We offer physical and digital courses in dentistry, radiation safety, radiology & administration. The platform has been developed by Boneprox, which today offers the diagnostic platform and the specialist network, Konekta. Read more about KonektED here

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