Anders Molander
Endodontics – Dentist & Specialist

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Specialists / Experts

Alexander Englund

Alexander Englund is a radiation physicist at Konekta. He graduated in 1996 and received my ID in 1999 in connection with the National Board of Health and Welfare deciding that this would become a ID profession. Alexander has worked as a hospital physicist since 1997. Mainly focusing on radiation protection and X-ray operations. I have worked with dentistry since 1997.

Ali Saleh

Ali Saleh (Dentist & Specialist) specialist at Konekta, obtained his dental degree from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm in 2013 and has since worked in general dental care within, among other things, the Public Dental Service. He has taught endodontics at the dental school in Huddinge and conducted research on endodontic treatment complications at the Karolinska Institutet, which led to a Master’s degree in Odontology in 2017. Today, Ali works as a specialist dentist in endodontics at GHP Specialistdentläkarna in Stockholm. Ali believes that in the role of a specialist it is important to share one’s expertise, as by helping each other grow, in the long run we can help our patients in the best possible way.

Anders Molander

Anders (Dentist & Specialist) is a specialist at Konekta and Research and Develop leader at public dental care and has worked in previous roles at Public Dental Care in Gothenburg, among other things, as: Chief research and education, head of collaboration research and education, operations manager specialist dental care. Anders has obtained a dental degree at the University of Gothenburg and has the following educations at the same university: docent in endodontics, doctor of odontology, endodontics, specialist dentist in endodontics

André Wikholm

André Wikholm is a specialist dentist in orthodontics at Konekta, he has worked as a dentist in Örebro and Gävle in public dentistry. Since 2017, he has been working in private dental care as a specialist dentist and business area manager, most recently in the District Dental Care in Stockholm. André works with all types of orthodontics but has a particular passion for aligners and has, among other things, been the Invisalign Diamond Provider for several years, a title that means starting more than 150 aligner cases per year. As one of the few Scandinavian orthodontists, André is part of Invisalign’s Masters Plan, a training program for specially qualified aligner orthodontists. André is happy to answer all kinds of orthodontic questions and is helpful with therapy planning in tricky aligner cases.

Anna Magnusson

Orthodontist and Specialist

Birgitte Hinge

Birgitte Hinge is a radiation physicist/medical radiation physicist from Denmark. She graduated as a civil engineer, MScEE, Aalborg University, in 1992 and then studied to become a hospital physicist specializing in diagnostic radiology (2005). Today she works as a medical-physical expert, Region Midtjylland (2006) and since 2007 has her own company Medico Consult.

Cinar Aziman

Cinar (Dentist, Maxillofacial and Facial Radiologist) is a specialist dentist in odontological radiology at Konekta, employed at Boneprox and since 2011 employed at Karolinska Institutet. She graduated as a dentist in 2007 and then did her specialist training both at Karolinska Institutet.

Haitham Afif

Haitham Afif is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery since 2016. He has worked at Sundsvall’s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, USÖ and the Oral and Maxillofacial surgery clinic at Mälarsjukhuset in Eskilstuna. Today he’s active as a private oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Jenny Öhman

PhD & Dentist in Oral Pathology and Odontology Doctor in Oral Medicine and Pathology

Joel Bergqvist

Joel Bergqvist is a specialist in ear, nose and throat diseases at Konekta. He took his basic education in medicine at the University of Southern Denmark and became a registered doctor in 2014. Since 2016, he is a doctoral student at Sahlgrenska Academy and runs a project that investigates a potential connection between chronic inflammation in the upper and lower respiratory tract. Today he works at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and has a broad knowledge of acute ear, nose and throat care.
Joel also has expertise in sleep-related matters. As a reputable dentist and doctor with several years of experience in the field, he has a solid knowledge of the importance of sleep and its connection with dental care. Joel Bergqvist currently works at the sleep medicine unit at Sahlgrenska, one of Sweden’s most prominent and highly specialized sleep units. His dedication and expertise in the sleep field make him an excellent resource for dentists who often face sleep-related issues in their practice. We look forward to Joel Bergqvist receiving sleep-related questions and are convinced that his advice and support will be of great benefit to dentists and their patients.

Joel has always had a great interest in education and today has several teaching assignments through the university with a focus on everything from hearing and balance disorders to emergency airway management.

Lars Svärd

Lars Svärd is a former supervising dentist at the Inspectorate for Care and Care, IVO. He took his basic education in 1983 and worked as a private dentist until 1998. He furthered his education as a behavioral scientist in adult pedagogy 1998 – 2000. Between 2000 and 2012 he was quality manager at Praktikertjänst Tandvård and then for 2 years until 2014 he was Sweden manager for the dental chain Colosseum Sverige AB . In 2014, he took the step into the ranks of the authorities and became a supervising dentist at the Inspectorate for Care and Care, IVO. He worked as a supervising dentist with the main focus on reviewing licensed dentists’ treatments and documentation until May 2021 when he ended his employment at IVO. Today, he works as a consultant to help caregivers/therapists ensure that the dental care provided to patients is in accordance with science and proven experience and that documentation complies with current regulations. Lasse is convinced that patient-safe and good dental care leads to good finances for the business, the patient and society.

Magdalena Korytowska

Magdalena is a specialist dentist in Orofacial medicine since 2018.
She is a PhD student at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Medicine at Malmö University since 2022 and leads a project relating to the breast cancer – drug treatment – MRONJ.

Her mainly focus is on patients treated with radiation to the head and neck area due to malignancy and also patients who have or are currently being treated with low or high dose antiresorptive drugs due to osteoporosis, metastatic solid cancers and multiple myeloma.

Maria Bankvall

Maria Bankvall is a Dentist/Odont Dr in oral medicine at Konekta. She obtained her doctorate in 2017 at the Odontologist in Gothenburg and now works part-time as a dentist with a focus on oral medicine and pathology but also other orofacial medicine issues and part-time at the Department of Oral Diagnostics and Surgery at Karolinska Institutet. Maria has an international involvement in the European Association of Oral Medicine (EAOM) and the World Workshop on Oral Medicine (WWOM). To read more about Maria, visit her website:

Maria Jarkander

Maria Jarkander (Dentist and Specialist) is a specialist in Pedodontics and is available to send consultations to at Konekta. She qualified as a dentist at the Karolinska Institutet in 1997. After that, she worked as a general dentist and completed Pedodontics Specialist at the Eastman Institute in 2011. Maria has a long past in Public Dentistry, but since 2018 she has been working in the private sector.

Marcus Borg

Marcus Borg (Dentist and Specialist) is available in Konekta and is a specialist in Oral prosthetics and lives in Linköping. He did his basic training in Malmö and specialist training in Jönköping/Linköping and became a specialist in 2011 and today works for GHP at Vrinnevisjukhuset in Norrköping.

Marcus Dagnelid

Marcus Dagnelid is a specialist in oral prosthetics and has been a dentist for 20 years. Throughout his career, he had the privilege of working with product development for various implant companies. The focus has been guided surgery, CAD/CAM-driven treatment flows and different load concepts. Marcus also has a great interest in Practice Management, i.e. how to run and develop clinical organizations. This interest has led him to build two private specialist centers focused on offering dental care in all odontological disciplines; Team Dagnelid in Mölndal and Dagnelidkliniken. To this can be added that Marcus is a frequently engaged lecturer, both nationally and internationally, in areas such as dental and implant-supported prosthetics, ceramic materials, implant surgery, digital workflows and Practice Management.

Mats Säll

Mats Säll (Dentist, Maxillofacial and Facial Radiologist) is a specialist at Konekta, employed at Boneprox since 2019 and has previous experience with: maxillofacial radiologist St. Olav’s hospital, Specialist and facial radiologist St Olav’s hospital. Mats has a dental degree and a dental master’s degree at Umeå University and did his specialist training at the University of Oslo

Nicole Winitsky

Nicole Winitsky (Dentist and Specialist) is a specialist dentist at Konekta. Nicole has been working as a specialist dentist in Prosthodontics at Folktandvården Eastman Institute since 2012. She has been a dentist since 1997 in both private and public dentistry. She has a broad knowledge of both therapy planning and execution of patients in need of prosthetic treatment. She wants her consultations to help you treat your patients in a safe and predictable way in your clinic instead of referring them away. This will develop you as a dentist and will benefit both you, your patients and your clinic. In addition to her clinical work, Nicole researches implants in the maxillary front at Karolinska Institutet. Nicole is a frequently engaged lecturer at both national and international symposiums, meetings and courses.

Patrik Keshishian

Patrik (Dentist and Specialist) is a specialist at Konekta in maxillofacial surgery and has been running his own clinic Maxillofacial Surgery Center Skåne since 2021. He graduated in dentistry in 2001 at Umeå University and completed his specialist studies at Lund University Hospital. Today he is a member of the Oral Surgery Association in Sweden and works at the specialist clinic in oral surgery at Lund Hospital.

Pelle Pettersson

Pelle Pettersson (Dentist and Specialist) is a prosthetic specialist dentist at Konekta. His special interest for 35 years has been abrasion cases/comprehensive dental and implant-supported prosthetics. The extensive therapy planning these cases required has meant that he has become very familiar with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s action codes. He took his basic education in 1980 and his specialist degree in 1992. In 1986, Pelle helped start the Brånemark Clinic and then stayed there for 10 years. Has also worked with Per-Ingvar Brånemark in various contexts for 30 years. For 10 years he was a teacher at the Odontologien in Gothenburg and, in addition to that, has lectured in national and international contexts for just over 35 years, resulting in approximately 450 occasions. Pelle has broad clinical experience with all-ceramic constructions and has worked with it for 25 years. In addition, he has 17 years of clinical experience in implant surgery. Has worked at a private specialist clinic for 20 years in Mölndal and in the field of implants internationally in the USA and Japan.

Peter Jonasson

Peter (Dentist and Specialist) is a specialist at Konekta and at the Endodontic Clinic. He has many years of experience in specialist endodontics in public and private dentistry. Became a specialist in 2006. In parallel with clinical activities, Peter has worked at the University of Gothenburg as a lecturer.

Peter Troberg

Peter graduated as a dentist in 1986 and did AT duty at FTV in Gnesta and has since then been faithful to Sörmland his entire career. He has worked for 18 years at Folktandvården, of which the last 4 years at the Prosthetic Clinic in Nyköping. Since 2004, he has run his own practice with Praktikertjänst in Nyköping.
Peter is passionate about continuing education and has been a member of the Dental Association’s course activities since 2006 and chairman of the NordÖstra Course Committee since 2017.
During his long time as a dentist, he has managed to be an Insurance dentist at Försäkringskassan until 2008 and has been a Trust dentist in Nyköping municipality for 3 years, where he gives his opinion on subsidized dental care.

Sahar Talebi

Sahar Talebi graduated from SBMU dental school in Tehran in 2005 and has since practiced as a general dentist with a particular focus on cosmetic treatments – crowns, bridges and veneers and has continuously attended courses and continuing education since then. Sahar further studied for a 3-year degree (master of sciences) in Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology 2010-2013. Today she works as a radiology consultant at the University of Copenhagen with a focus on CBCT scans.
Sahar puts a lot of emphasis on taking the time to listen to the patients and explain the procedure and is particularly good with patients with a fear of the dentist.

Sarah Vaderlind

Sarah Vaderlind (Specialist bite physiology) became a specialist in bite physiology in 2019. Sarah has a lovely husband by her side and is a mother and bonus mother to five children. Logistics is one of her strongest branches. She loves her daily work as a bite physiologist and is passionate about this patient group. Sarah has the ability to explain and advise on complex bite physiology problems in an educational and comprehensible way. A challenge in bite physiology is that many dentists consider the subject to be difficult and complicated. Therefore, it is important to be able to convey connections and relationships between anatomy, physiology and pathology in a simple way so that general dentists and specialists in other fields can deal with these patients in their own practice to the extent possible.

Sigurd Svalestad

Sigurd Svalestad is educated at the University of Bergen, Norway, first as a dentist in 1998 and thereafter as a medical doctor in 2006. He became a specialist in medical radiology in 2015. Svalestad has extensive clinical experience within both fields of expertise, both from public university hospitals and from private medical radiology and dental health businesses. He also has solid managerial experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Svalestad currently has a leave of absence from his position in the Armed Forces where he serves both as the Senior Consultant Radiologist and as the Commanding Officer of the Dental Health Services. During this period, he will complete an MBA program in strategic management at the Norwegian School of Economics. In addition, Svalestad is a consultant radiologist at the Department of Neuroradiology, Haukeland University Hospital and a private consultant radiologist for Evidia AS.

Sophia Arledal

Sophia Arledal (Dentist, Maxillofacial and Facial Radiologist) is a specialist dentist in odontological radiology at Konekta and employed at Boneprox. Sophia has worked as a dentist since 1998 and as a specialist since 2016. Since 2006, she has been working at KI and trains dentists, dental hygienists and future specialists in radiology, but is most passionate about the clinical work as a radiologist, which is still a lot of fun and requires full concentration.

Stefan Hauptig

Stefan was educated at Linköping University and he is today a specialist in anesthesia and chief physician since 2005. Until 2008 he worked at Ullevål with post-operative care, heart surgery and other anesthesia, between 2008 – 2021 he has worked in private clinics. Since 2021, he has been Chief Physician at Akershus University Hospital.

In addition, he is the CEO of and, which rent out anesthesia staff and mobile anesthesia equipment in Norway and Sweden. Read more about the company here:

Stefan has a long-term interest in efficient operation of complex operations and quality development. He works continuously with digitization of service deliveries to ensure delivery capability and quality.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic to work as an anesthetist because we combine many practical skills with many conversations with patients in vulnerable situations and a lot of complex problem solving”, Stefan Hauptig

Sten Andersson

Sten Andersson (Specialist Oral Surgery) is a specialist in maxillofacial surgery and did his basic and specialist training in Umeå and became a specialist in 2006. He currently works for GHP at the Vrinnevis Hospital in Norrköping, as well as for SMILE dentistry as a maxillofacial surgeon.

Unni Endal

Unni (Dentist and Specialist) trained as a dentist in Oslo in 1985, took a specialist degree at the same place in Endodontics in 1994. She worked at UIO in Oslo from 1992 until today when she is now a university lecturer. Unni is specifically targeted at resorptions and non-odontogenic pain. She can help with endodontic diagnostics so that your patient receives the right treatment.