We strive to have a culture of honesty, transparency, and openness. While working at Boneprox, you will have the opportunity to grow yourself as a person and in your expertise – through courses, training or hands-on experience. We are always looking for curious and driven personalities, where the most important thing is that you share our values ​​more than you know exactly how to code in Java or sell Saas solutions to the healthcare sector.

If we have the same approach, we will invest in you, long-term. Welcome to Boneprox.


Backend Developer
Spontaneous application

About Boneprox

Boneprox has developed to be a leader in digitization in dentistry. With our SaaS platform, Konekta, dentists have access to specialists to provide an immediate resource for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Our mission is to provide services and products based on AI, machine learning and secure and efficient communication to the dental care and health sector, enabling clinics, dentists and doctors to become more efficient in sending, receiving and analyzing patient cases.

Boneprox team

Peder Remman
Shreya Desai
Malin Thelin
Ahraz Asif