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What is Konekta?

Konekta is developed by Boneprox, we make dental and medical care more efficient, with a focus on safety and security. We are a digital specialist clinic with over 800 clinics and 29 specialists in 13 areas. The platform makes it possible to send digital consultation referrals and questions to our connected specialists, with quick responses. In close cooperation with people in the industry, we ensure that our services meet the needs of the patient, the clinic and the specialists.

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Specialists / Experts

Cinar Aziman

Cinar (Dentist, Maxillofacial and Facial Radiologist) is a specialist dentist in odontological radiology at Konekta, employed at Boneprox and since 2011 employed at Karolinska Institutet. She graduated as a dentist in 2007 and then did her specialist training both at Karolinska Institutet.

Pelle Pettersson

Pelle Pettersson (Dentist and Specialist) is a prosthetic specialist dentist at Konekta. His special interest for 35 years has been abrasion cases/comprehensive dental and implant-supported prosthetics. The extensive therapy planning these cases required has meant that he has become very familiar with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s action codes. He took his basic education in 1980 and his specialist degree in 1992. In 1986, Pelle helped start the Brånemark Clinic and then stayed there for 10 years. Has also worked with Per-Ingvar Brånemark in various contexts for 30 years. For 10 years he was a teacher at the Odontologien in Gothenburg and, in addition to that, has lectured in national and international contexts for just over 35 years, resulting in approximately 450 occasions. Pelle has broad clinical experience with all-ceramic constructions and has worked with it for 25 years. In addition, he has 17 years of clinical experience in implant surgery. Has worked at a private specialist clinic for 20 years in Mölndal and in the field of implants internationally in the USA and Japan.

Mats Säll

Mats Säll (Dentist, Maxillofacial and Facial Radiologist) is a specialist at Konekta, employed at Boneprox since 2019 and has previous experience with: maxillofacial radiologist St. Olav’s hospital, Specialist and facial radiologist St Olav’s hospital. Mats has a dental degree and a dental master’s degree at Umeå University and did his specialist training at the University of Oslo

Joel Bergqvist

Joel Bergqvist is a specialist in ear, nose and throat diseases at Konekta. He took his basic education in medicine at the University of Southern Denmark and became a registered doctor in 2014. Since 2016, he is a doctoral student at Sahlgrenska Academy and runs a project that investigates a potential connection between chronic inflammation in the upper and lower respiratory tract. Today he works at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and has a broad knowledge of acute ear, nose and throat care.
Joel also has expertise in sleep-related matters. As a reputable dentist and doctor with several years of experience in the field, he has a solid knowledge of the importance of sleep and its connection with dental care. Joel Bergqvist currently works at the sleep medicine unit at Sahlgrenska, one of Sweden’s most prominent and highly specialized sleep units. His dedication and expertise in the sleep field make him an excellent resource for dentists who often face sleep-related issues in their practice. We look forward to Joel Bergqvist receiving sleep-related questions and are convinced that his advice and support will be of great benefit to dentists and their patients.

Joel has always had a great interest in education and today has several teaching assignments through the university with a focus on everything from hearing and balance disorders to emergency airway management.


The specialist answers directly in the platform, which means the patient avoids long waiting hours. It’s like having a specialist by your desk every day.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is one of the most advanced image analysis tools used in dental health. Here, a large number of 2D images of the patient are taken from different angles. Based on these projections, a clear 3D volume image is created. With Konekta, you get access to specialists in odontological radiology, medical physicists, statements at CBCT and courses gathered in one place.

In dental health, X-rays are one of the most important tools we have for safe diagnosis. Sometimes the images can be difficult to interpret and pathology can appear on panoramic X-rays or intraoral images where you want a “second opinion”. Our specialists in dental radiology are ready to respond to consultations directly on the platform, which can contribute to increased security in your diagnostics.

As an anesthesiologist, the work consists of assessing medical information to patients in order to assess the risks of anesthesia and surgery in patients. Based on the information, anesthesia is planned and administered. The anesthesiologist is responsible for the patient’s health together with the surgeon or dentist until the patient is ready to go home. An anesthesiologist always works in a team with nurse anesthetists, but anesthetists are medically responsible

Sometimes the clinic faces surgical challenges that require guidance. It can be infections, wisdom teeth that create problems, tumors or simply questions about surgery. To give as accurate an answer as possible, history, status and X-rays (OPG or CBCT) are important. Sometimes clinical pictures can also be helpful in clarifying the problem. At Konekta, our specialists are ready to help you.

Digital consultations in endodontics work well as the X-ray image is central to the dialogue. So with anamnestic data and clinical findings in combination with X-rays, our specialists can help you with guidance and treatment options.

At Konekta, you can easily get guidance from experienced dental technicians when it comes to dental production, repairs, quality assurance and corrections. Our dental technicians work in a laboratory for dental technicians. The basis for the dental technician’s work is impressions and 3D models of the patient’s teeth.

The complexity of the interaction between jaw joints, teeth and jaw muscles can often create problems for the patient. It is estimated that almost 50% of the population experience symptoms such as pain in the jaw joints, neck, jaw muscles and headaches resulting from bite physiological problems.
In Konekta, you can easily get in touch with our specialists in bite physiology who can give the clinic the right guidance for a safe diagnosis and comfortable treatment for the patient.

Dental care meets large sections of the population regularly. This means that dental health care can encounter oral mucosal changes. In case of uncertainty, contact with a specialist is always recommended. With Konekta, you can easily send clinical pictures with questions to our experts in oral medicine when any danger signals for oral malignancies occur.

Here you can get guidance that includes the development of jaws, face and bites. You can send us consultations related to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of bite and tooth defects. Our specialists help to analyze bite abnormalities and orthodontic defects using, among other things, X-rays, clinical images and models. Sometimes it can also be beneficial to invite other specialists in the case, especially for larger treatments such as oral surgery.

Here you can get help with therapy planning and tips on performing your prosthesis treatments. This helps you to treat more patients more safely also at the clinic and with safer treatment results. This approach is beneficial for both you as a dentist and your patients.

About 50% of the population suffers from periodontitis and about 10% of a more severe form that often leads to tooth loss. A periodontitis patient who receives adequate treatment in time has good conditions to be able to keep his teeth for life. You can send us consultations regarding patients with periodontitis and we will help the clinic with prognosis assessment and treatment options.

Via our affiliated pedodontist, you can send consultations regarding erosions, eating disorders in children and adolescents, persistent primary teeth, trauma, tooth eruption, if a case is relevant for a specialist or if the child is to be treated at a regular clinic, dental clinic, etc.

Via our affiliated otolaryngologist, you can send consultations digitally via Konekta. Our specialist/doctor has a broad knowledge of acute ear, nose, and throat care and is running a project investigating a potential connection between chronic inflammation in the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Our customers

We asked our customers if they would like to share their experiences with Konekta, this is some of the reviews we received

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We took a CBCT about 30 minutes after the patient came from the hospital. We sent the CBCT case through Konekta and quickly received concrete advice and guidelines from your radiologist and Ear-nose-throat specialist, and furthermore the patient was informed by us the next day, just 24 hours later


I personally think it is a first aid kit for a working dentist, regardless of age, capacity and experience. There are more experienced therapists involved in your current patient case, which is great. More competences are merged and the quality of the treatment increases

Samy Mebdi, MyDentist

Incredible good, we took an OPG last Thursday, by Tuesday we had received a CBCT with results and found a keratocyst. Normally I would have referred to the Odontologist and it had taken several months.

Valands Tandvård

Konekta makes it possible for our therapists to quickly and easily get help from specialists on the other side. It creates security for our therapists and increases the quality of care


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