Konekta – A network accessible to everyone within dental health care

We are also a digital specialist clinic, where our specialists are available every day. With the right guidance from the right competence, you can in many cases treat the patient yourself at the clinic. Through our digital platform, we connect clinics with specialists where sharing information and communication is made easier and more efficient

This is Konekta

Konekta is developed by Boneprox. Boneprox enables a better, more efficient dental health system while focusing on security and support. In tight collaboration with healthcare providers, we make sure all needs are covered – for patients, clinics, and specialists.

Like it should be

Konekta enables a new level of seamless communication and messaging between clinics and specialists – no matter your needs. Konekta is developed by and for health professionals and dental specialists.

How to Konekt

Log in

Everything is online, and no installations are required. Sign up your clinic through BankID and start using your new account.

Create patient case

Create a patient case and invite a specialist or a colleague for online consultation with one simple click.

Get expert answers

Get answers and input from the specialists and share it with the referral clinic.

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In addition to discussing patients’ cases with colleagues, you can send referrals and consultations to specialists within all of the fields of expertise below.

The specialist answers directly in the online platform, which means the patient avoids long waiting hours. It’s like having a specialist as your desk-side neighbour every day.

CBCT (3D radiology)

Radiology (2D)

Maxillofacial Surgery


Dental technician


Oral Medicine




Specialists / Experts

Cinar Aziman
Radiology – Dentist, Maxillofacial- and Facial Radiologist
Mats Säll
Radiology – Dentist, Maxillofacial- and Facial Radiologist
Jenny Öhman
Oral Medicine & Pathology – Dentist, PhD
Anders Molander
Endodontics – Dentist & Specialist

Konekt your clinic with a leading specialist

Konekta is a digital service where clinics, dentists and specialists meet and work together. The platform is developed for and by dental professional together with Boneprox in order to increase the availability of specialist competence and safe communication between colleagues within the dental industry.

Ready to learn more?

Do you want to know more about our prices and what suits your clinic? Contact us and we will help you further and we are happy to run a short demo with you to go through functionality and any questions.


Contact Peder
+46 702 805 599
Contact Jacob
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Contact Theodor
+47 480 52 758
Contact Sofia
+46 761 175 091


An effective referral program starts with a deep understanding of your patient – discuss each case with specialists and colleagues and remember that a second opinion is only a click away.

With low administrative costs and a quick response time, we streamline both treatment and diagnostics.


We have a solid online presence and capacity to deliver answers here and now and whenever you need them. Konekta follows Norsk Helsenett (NHN) and is in line with GDPR and Normen – your patient information is always safe and secure.


We have gathered the leading specialists within odontology – all dental knowledge in one place. That way, you will get access to experienced specialists and skilled colleagues who can give you advice, new perspectives or a second opinion.

Konekta makes diagnostics safer, faster and smoother.

Our amazing clients

Smile Vänersborg

The patients who received a referral to the osteoporosis hospitals are very satisfied and the patients who received medication and further treatment at the osteoporosis hospitals are extremely thankful that we did the analysis!

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